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Fully Modular High-Density Weapon Storage System

Conform with BS 7558:1992 Standard

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​Advanced Weapon Storage System with Online Monitoring Technology

Extro Code Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian own Technology Company
Specialized in Research & Development of Automated and
Secured Storage Technologies. Since 2004, Extro Code has
Developed and Pioneered the Concept of Smart Weapon
Storage (SWS) with Successful Global Deployments.

Scaleable, Monitoring, Recording & Secure with Un-Breakable Structure

Smart Weapon System Can Help You Get More Done with Our Advance Features Over the Conventional Weapon Storage. Learn More About How the System is Able to Secure the Stored Weapons Yet Allowing Remote Monitoring at The Same Time.


Almost 3,000 Guns Lost or Stolen

Nearly 3,000 Guns Were Lost by Or Stolen from People Registered to Hold Them in The Past Five Years, According to Figures Obtained by the BBC. More Than Half of These Weapons Were Shotguns. (29 Aug 2012 - BBC)  

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MoD has 'Lost' 165 Pistol, Rifles...

More Than 165 Pistols, Rifles, and Machine Guns Have Been Lost by Or Stolen from The Armed Forces in The Past Three Years. Figures Obtained Using the Freedom of Information Act Also Show That More Than 27,000 Bullets Have Gone Missing During the Same Period. (2 Mar 2009 - Dailymail)


Lost and Loaded? 62,000 Guns 'Missing' 

More Than 62,000 Guns Disappeared from U.S. Firearm Dealers' Inventories in the Past Three Years Without Any Record that They Were Sold, According to A Report by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. (27 Jan 2011 - Abcnews)

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